Eugene K. 04-16-2012

Exceptional service and expertise. Highly recommend.

Anonymous user 04-11-2012

Very good dentist. The office was organized and ran on time, and the dentist did a really good job of explaining everything and providing suggestions for cleaning, etc. Highly recommended.

Iris V. 04-09-2012

Dr Sharli was very professional and gentle with my teeth!! Her office is very clean and modern,I was scare of going to the dentist but she change my mind for good.

Anonymous user 03-12-2012

I shouldn't have delayed five years before going back to the dentist. I won't again, now that I've found a good dentist in Dr. Patel.

Michael F. 03-09-2012

Very fast! I just hope the quickness didn't get in the way of quality. Have to trust your dentist though.

Tracy P. 02-15-2012

I was pleasantly surprised for my first visit. Thank you!

Anonymous user 01-25-2012

I really enjoyed my visit. She was incredibly professional, yet friendly, and very informative.

Anonymous user 10-13-2011

Dr. Patel was great, she explained everything very clearly and made sure I was comfortable throughout my cleaning.

Anonymous user 08-02-2011

I was running late and the staff was understanding and I still saw the doctor. Dr. Patel was great.

Joshua B. 07-20-2011

I had an appointment at 10:00 AM, but the office took me in early. Dr. Patel was very efficient and fast. I actually got out by 10:05 AM. Another dentist had recommended a (costly) crown, but Dr. Patel saw that my filling was holding up just fine and disagreed, saving me time, pain, and money. Highly recommended.

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