Allison K. 04-17-2017

Dr Patel is wonderful. She saw me right away (and I came in early!). Her dental hygenist gave me the most gentle cleaning ever and was sweet and funny. Dr. Patel makes me less afraid of dentists - she's great at explaining things and stopping for questions.

Rachel S. 03-16-2017

Dr. Kaymanesh was outstanding, she saw me right away explained everything she was doing and answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend!

Aava K. 03-08-2017

Dr. Kaymanesh is awesome!!! Very kind and informative. She doesn't mind letting you take breaks as she works so it's very calming and not rushed at all.

Taylor A. 02-16-2017

I definitely would recommend seeing Dr. Patel.

Sarah A. 02-08-2017

Dr. Patel and the hygienist were super patient and gentle with me. I hadn't been to the dentist for something like 13 years and Dr. Patel did a great job of talking to me about my anxiety and telling me what she was doing. They used the gentlest least scary methods possible and I really appreciated it.

Emily L. 01-10-2017

Everything was very quick, easy, and professional.

Kyle H. 01-05-2017

Very nice office and friendly staff.

Matthew S. 12-28-2016

Doctor Kaymanesh is really exceptional. I've visited the office now 5 times, twice for myself and the other times for my children (ages 5 an 11). They are fantastic with kids. Mine actually look forward to coming to the dentists office (it helps that they have a tv in front of every chair). This week I came in needing cosmetic dental work due to grinding down my teeth at night. I was seen right away (at my appointment time) and was really listened to and offered wise guidance. I am very pleased with the time and effort taken to ensure that my teeth are healthy and appealing. The quality of work is great and my teeth look MUCH better. One additional thing I appreciate is that we are never over sold on expensive or unnecessary procedures.

Anonymous user 12-14-2016

Great Dentist. No wait, no pain and excellent treatment. Very professional.

Michelle K. 10-27-2016

Dr. Kaymanesh was great. She had excellent bedside manner and let me hold a mirror to watch everything she was doing as she explained it all out loud. I had a crack in my tooth and she presented me all of my options, discussed my insurance policy, and gave me a recommendation. Very helpful!

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