Joseph S. 04-12-2018

Thank goodness I get the checkup and cleaning twice a year, they found and filled a tiny cavity that could have potentially caused major tooth damages! I recommend Rosslyn Dental Arts Center to everyone in the area because they offer reliable and trusted quality services every time and the professionalism is enticing and the copays are just pocket change. It would be foolish to leave your investments with any other establishment that might be less accredited and any less caring than these folks.

Kathrin K. 04-12-2018

Excellent manner, progressional and thorough.

Ezinna N. 04-12-2018

Dr. Techapanit is great! I'm moving but would certainly stay with the practice if I were still living in the DMV area.

Anonymous user 04-11-2018

Great appointment. She was very professional and straightforward. Her bedside manner was perfect and she patiently explained everything I needed and was honest in what I could wait to have done, what I could do to possibly prevent some future work being done, and prioritized what I needed done. I'll definitely go back.

Anya C. 04-10-2018

Dr Patel was very helpful and very honest.

Kelvin J. 04-09-2018

Very comfortable

Megan T. 04-09-2018

Really great patient care and honest discussion about prices and options (without making me feel bad!)

Bak S. 04-07-2018

Great service and friendly staff. Dr. Farr was great as usual and awesome office manager who was extremely professional and helpful.

Amy J. 04-07-2018

I first came here because of the convenient location near my work, but I’ve stayed because of the wonderful care. As someone who is “afraid of the dentist”, they always put my mind at ease and make sure I am feeling ok during any procedure. Cleanings are very thorough - they do a great job!

Rachel G. 04-07-2018

I love her. She explains how she is going to treat me, and at each phase updates me. Her manner helps with my anxiety.

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