Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are generally performed when tooth decay is at risk of targeting the pulp found in the bottom of the tooth which connects to the bloodstream. If the tooth is relatively intact, SmilePerfectors will recommend that a root canal be performed in order to help preserve the tooth before the damage becomes too extensive, and will work to minimize any discomfort brought about by it.

If tooth decay is allowed to reach the pulp in the bottom of the tooth, bacteria gains an entryway into the bloodstream, elevating the likelihood for infection and illness, and your dentist will highly recommend removing the tooth altogether. With root canal therapy, the tooth can avoid being removed and can be restored to make it more durable and presentable.

During the procedure, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth, and remove the decayed material with the pulp to close off access to the bloodstream. Following this, the inside of the tooth will be cleaned out to ensure there is no remaining decay. Finally, the tooth will get a new filling and a crown placed over it to prevent any further damage or infection.