Periodontist (Gum and Implant Surgery)

In-house Periodontist

SmilePerfectors employs our own in-house periodontist to perform a variety of periodontal services for our patients.

Much like our dental staff, our periodontists put patient care and good oral health practices above all else. Our periodontal services include therapeutic gum treatment for patients with gum disease, restorative gum treatment, and a variety of non-surgical options to improve the integrity of the gum tissue in the top and the bottom of your mouth. Your gum’s health is linked with the health of your teeth, so SmilePerfectors will dedicate all efforts and expertise into ensuring both stay healthy.

If you would like to learn more about our in-house periodontist and the periodontal services we render, please contact your local SmilePerfectors to set up a consultation at the nearest available office. Check out our Gum Treatment services page to learn more about some of the periodontal treatments our company can offer to you today as well. 

Special Implant Procedure $3,295; Includes: Placement, Abutment and Crown (Does not include bone graft).