Pediatric (Kids Dentist)

Pediatric Dentist

Working with children of all ages, SmilePerfectors’ pediatric dentists have the experience working with 1 year old and older. By instilling good oral health values at a young age, it is our goal to instill children with the importance of visiting the dentist in the future, so they can take their own oral health into their own hands. For parents, the best time to start bringing your child in to visit the dentist is after all of their baby teeth have grown in, which usually happens not long after their first birthday.

Our pediatric dentist works on a rotating schedule, and can provide services for your child at any one of our four offices in the Northern Virginia and DC area, making scheduling an appointment easier without the inconvenience of driving out of the way.  Make sure when you’re scheduling an appointment for your child, you ask when the pediatric dentist is available at your local SmilePerfectors office.

Child New Patient Special $95;  Includes: Prophy, Exam and 2BW.